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August 7th, 2021



The Museum of Art and History

Santa Cruz, CA


We’re pleased to share that all guests over 12 years old will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Kids ages 2-12 will be tested within the week. The event will be held entirely outdoors, with some optional indoor activities such as viewing the museum galleries. For the ceremony (theater seating) and dinner (long tables), guests will be seated next to guests from other households. If you’re feeling sick, please do not attend. The venue recommends masks indoors for everyone over 2 years old, as do we. We’ve rented the full museum, so it will just be us and vendors on site.

On The Day

Here's what you need to know about August 7th.

Bright and colorful cocktail attire encouraged! Come as yourself and wear your dancing/comfy shoes. Since dinner and the reception will be outside, a coat or sweater is highly recommended.
Our ceremony is planned for the museum patio. Just afterwards, a brass band will lead us around the block in a raucous recessional, so bring comfy shoes! (We won't go too far, but you're also welcome to stay put.) A gallery/cocktail hour will take place in a sculpture garden and in the indoor galleries, followed by dinner and dancing on the patio.


Soquel/Front Garage

Air Travel

There are three international airports in the area. The drive times listed are with no traffic. Rush hour times will be longer!

San Jose (SJC)

~50 Minutes

Oakland (OAK)

~1 Hour 40 Minutes

San Francisco (SFO)

~1 Hour 10 Minutes


We’re fortunate to be combining two households into our home, so we aren’t in need of many things! Your presence, or kind words, are our present, and we do not need gifts. That said, we know that some might want to give a charitable donation or something for the home, so we have a few options in the links below.

Our Registry at The Knot

Make a Gift to Housing Matters

(Formerly Homeless Services Center)

Make a Gift to Equal Justice Initiative